Jan 21 2014


As you age, you need to make sure to get tested for Glaucoma. Glaucoma is an eye disease that affects many elderly people. If it is not treated it can have severe consequences and do permanent damage to your vision.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a somewhat common eye disease. It causes damage to the optical nerve in such a way that it can result in blindness. It is more common in specific populations and is considered a genetic disease. If anyone in your family has ever had Glaucoma make sure to speak to your Magnolia optometrist about your family history.

Glaucoma Testing

The first step in identifying your risk for Glaucoma is to set up an eye exam in Magnolia, TX. You can call Texas State Optical and arrange for an exam. During your comprehensive eye exam, the eye doctor will look at the back of your eye and perform different eye tests. One of these tests measures pressure levels in your eyes. Elevated eye pressure is often a sign of Glaucoma.

Another test you be given is a visual field test. Glaucoma causes the loss of peripheral vision. This machine tests you side vision by flashing light on the side of your head while you look straight ahead.

It is very important to get tested because the symptoms of Glaucoma are very gradual. Without an exam, by the time you realize something is wrong you have already lost significant amounts of vision. Once vision is lost it cannot be regained. All the eye doctor can do is prevent further loss of vision.

Glaucoma Treatment

There is no cure for Glaucoma. Depending which type of Glaucoma you have, your doctor may be able to prescribe medication that will help slow the symptoms. Eye drops can also be prescribed. In some cases, eye surgery is needed.

Remember, no matter what treatment is given, Glaucoma is a disease that needs constant monitoring by your doctor because it cannot be cured.

For more information, or to schedule and eye exam and testing, call Texas State Optical.

Jan 9 2014

Why You Need an Eye Exam

There are two types of people in this world, those who go to yearly eye exams and those that don’t. This really means people who take care of themselves and those who are more tempted to go with the flow, eat junk food and let things slide.

If you ask your eye doctor, he will tell you a number of reasons why your yearly eye exam is so important.

  1. Your prescription might change without you knowing. Whether you have no eyewear, eyeglasses or contact lenses, you could have a change in vision without realizing it. Our vision changes gradually and our eyes adapt so the only real way to know how you see is to go for an eye exam.
  2. Eye disease screenings. Your optometrist is the one who will check you for Glaucoma, Cataract, Macular Degeneration and other common eye diseases. In the early stages of these conditions, you will not know that you sight has been affected. Your eye doctor can check the blood vessels, lens, pupil, retina and other parts of the eye to make sure they are in top shape.
  3. Overall health. Your eyes can show signs of other problems in your general health. For example, if you have diabetes the disease could influence the blood vessels in your eyes and show how serious your diabetes are. It isn’t for nothing that eyes are called “the window to the soul”.
  4. Early Detection. If you have an eye exam, if you do develop an eye problem chances are your optometrist will catch it early on and be able to provide better treatment. You may not also feel the side effects of the disease because it will be dealt with quickly.
  5. Benchmark. No two eyes are the same so it is very important your eye doctor take pictures of your eye and do tests such as corneal mapping, whine your eyes are healthy. These pictures and tests will go on file.

As you can tell, it is very important to keep up on your eye care. Make sure you schedule your appointments and look after your health so that you will have clear, accurate vision for years to come. Click here for more info.

Jan 9 2014

Picking the Right Eyeglass Frames

You just got your prescription from your local Vancouver Eye Doctor to get a new pair of frames and now comes the real decision of picking out the best pair that will look trendy and great on your facial shape. Sometimes just taking a friend or family member can be overwhelming and  more confusing then helpful. To Evaluate what suits your face better check out some of our guidelines for getting the best look and bang for your buck!

When you want a new hair cut you don’t just walk in and say “Hey, Chop my Hair off.”  You usually go prepared to the salon with a few pictures to give the stylist an idea of  the hair cut you want. So why not be prepared when going to get eyeglasses that you are going to be wearing day in and day out. Facial shape is really the key to finding the perfect eye wear look! The rest is personal choices of what colors and designs you like.

There are four facial shapes to consider when searching for the perfect pair of eyeglasses  or frames at your local Optometrists office!


The oval face shape may not be absolutely symmetrical and so you would want to avoid  getting any oval shaped frames as this would not be flattering to your face. Narrow glasses with upswept corners and vivid accents on top would be a great choice for your face shape.


Did you know if you have a square shaped face that picking frames that have very hard lines can give your face a more boxier look and not be as attractive as you want to look. By picking frames that have partial rims it can soften your face and look really flattering.

Heart Shaped Face

The heart shaped face is an inverted triangle with a broad forehead and cheekbones tapering to a narrow chin. The best pair of eyeglasses for this shape face to wear is airy, rimless glasses.  Wearing glasses without rims allows your face to blend with the glasses without look harsh.


A round face with full cheeks and few angles should be careful of choosing a round  frame  as this would simply echo and reinforce your core shape.What you need to look for is something with angles or sharp edges. Basically you really want something with rims. That has more of a rectangular shape to offset the curves of your face.

Consider these facts when you go looking for your next pair of glasses. For more information feel free to contact us at Ashbaker Vision Clinic.

Jan 2 2014

Pregnancy and Eye Changes

You know how when you’re expecting, your whole body seems to change? Well, some people even notice eyesight changes! This may be due to swelling, which changes the shape of the eye. If, during those 9 months, the cornea becomes elongated, you’ll probably be one of those lucky ladies (sarcasm intended!) to have vision problems. The good news is it’s usually as temporary as your swollen feet. The bad news is if it’s severe enough, you may need a new pair of glasses or contact lenses, which might not even work after your little one makes his or her appearance. In the mean time, you’ll want to visit your local Cleveland optometrist.

The shape of the eye affects the way we see, because, as light travels through the eye, it is bent by the cornea and focused by the lens. This is called refraction, and all the light meets at the retina at the back of the eye… or at least, it’s supposed to. However, if the eye is “too short” or “too long” then the light gets focused a little in front of or behind the retina. You can think of it like a projector – if the light doesn’t hit the screen, it’s out of focus. The retina is like that screen. During any routine eye exam your eye doctor will measure how well your eyes focus on objects that are near and far. That eye chart with the big E for example measures your distance vision.

Gestational diabetes is another reason to get an eye exam. If you have gestational diabetes, even though it’s only a temporary condition, your risk for developing diabetic retinopathy – vision loss due to high blood sugar – increases. You should definitely make a visit to your local Cleveland eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam and mention that you have gestational diabetes.

What does this mean for you? If you’re pregnant, your vision is in flux. It’s a great time to have an eye exam, but just keep in mind that you will probably need another one after your baby is born. If you notice your eyesight is worse than before and especially if it interferes with things like driving, you may need an extra pair of eyeglasses or a different prescription of contact lenses.

Dec 26 2013

Why Eye Health is Important

What’s the big deal about going to the eye doctor? I mean they just want to sell you another pair of glasses or more expensive contact lenses right? WRONG!

Going to your Northwest Austin eye doctor is about more than just making sure you have the right prescription. You could get that from a trip to the optician. The real reason that you should go see your optometrist at least once a year is that there are many serious eye conditions that you might be at risk for.

The truly frightening thing though, is that many eye diseases and conditions in their early onset go unnoticed. Often, it is only when the vision loss is more severe that patients realize their is a serious problem. Sadly, at that point the vision loss is often permanent and irreversible.

However, by making regular trips to your favorite eye doctor in Austin, you can ensure that nothing out of the ordinary is going on with your eyes. The optometrist will know what is normal for your eyes and also taking into account any medications you might be taking or you family eye health history, they will know what warning signs to look out for. With any conditions, early detection and treatment are the key to preserving vision.

Also, there are many conditions that start off benignly enough but can develop into far more serious conditions. Even something as simple as an eye infection caused by poor contact lens hygiene could lead to serious complications. So, anytime you have an eye infection, discomfort or eye changes in your vision (spots, flashes of light) be sure to head straight to your nearest optometrist for an exam.

Do you really need to go to the optometrist for an eye infection? Can’t you just snag something from the local pharmacy or get a prescription from a GP? Well, you could but it isn’t recommended because sometimes certain infections present as a simple case of pink eye but are in fact a more serious infection that could lead to permanent vision loss or even blindness.

After all, you only have one set of eyes and there are no bionic replacements or transplants available. So, why risk losing your sight because it was inconvenient to go to the eye doctor?

Dec 19 2013

All About Dry Eye Syndrome

Are your eyes dry, itchy, red or even overly watery? It might not just be normal irritated eye but a condition known as dry eye syndrome. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to get relief from dry eyes.

First, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor in Toledo OH and see what the underlying cause of your dry eyes might be. Sometimes, they can be as a result of another condition like blephartis or they may as a result of a medication you are taking.

Once the underlying reason causing or exacerbating your dry eyes can be determined your optometrist will then be able to make recommendations on how to treat your dry eyes.

Treatments range in complexity and price but the basic treatments can include the use of certain eye drops. Speak to your Toledo OH optometrist first before by over the counter drops though, as you’ll want to ensure that you are getting the right kind for your condition. Some may just make matter worse.

Of course, once your eyes are already irritated you’ll want to reduce any additional irritants including the wind, dust and too much sun. Wraparound style sunglasses can help keep these factors at bay when you’re outside.

While you are inside you may want to invest in a humidifier to keep the air moist in months where you are running a lot of heaters or air conditioning. Also, dust filters will help keep the air around you irritant free.

In cases of severe dry eye your doctor may recommend that you get punctal plugs. These are tiny devices that are placed inside the tear ducts to slow the drainage of tears to ensure that your eyes stay moistened. This requires a visit to your optometrist but it a fairly basic procedure.

Your doctor may also recommend a nutritional supplement that has a concentration of essential fatty acids which will help alleviate any dry eye symptoms. If you aren’t already doing so, your doctor may have you cut back on caffeine and drink more water to help ensure that your body, and in turn your eyes are better hydrated.

Dec 16 2013

Baby Exams: Check Them Early, Check Them Often!

Baby eye exams in Plymouth MI are vital to have routinely for your kid to make sure that the eye doctor can check their vision. Because these types of exams can sometimes frighten an infant, it ‘s important to have a doctor that could make them feel at ease. This can be accomplished through friendly smiles, a mild touch and substantial knowledge of how you can collaborate with children. A great eye doctor can make a big difference with the method your baby makes it through their eye exams and other sessions you could have to make.

Infants should have detailed eye and vision evaluations just like grownups do, particularly given that they develop so swiftly from the moment they are born. This will certainly make sure that the child could see correctly which their eyes are healthy. An exam done by a specialist will certainly likewise provide the doctor insight right into any problems that the infant might be susceptible to. Seek an eye doctor that makes use of advanced equipment. The use of unique strategies and screening tools makes it easy for them to provide babies eye exams as extensively as possible.

An eye specialist will certainly have the ability to aid you with infant eye exams along with providing look after the entire family members. As your child remains to grow they will be able to perform plan eye exams, yet they will additionally provide help with any kind of concerns, like near or much sightedness. It’s excellent to have a doctor that could assist you and your family whatever your vision health and wellness concerns are.

Taking your infant in to have medical eye exams is important, and eye exams are no exemptions. As children grow, their eyes undergo a lot of changes and it is very important for their vision to be kept an eye on. Discount optometrist could be all over the place so they are simple to discover, however that does not indicate they are the very best option. You ought to rather, look for a local optometrist that lives within your community. By working with this sort of eye doctor you will certainly have the ability to establish a relationship that you could continue with as your little one changes from child to toddler to teenager.

Visit your Plymouth Optometrist for your child’s next eye exam

Nov 28 2013

Seeing is Believing!

Vertical Novel your source for eye care!


Ever wonder what life would be like without sight? Sight is probably one of the things that most people take for granted. Some people are born without sight. Others lose their site because of an accident that involves the eyes being compromised. And then there are eye diseases or deterioration of eye sight that can cause blindness in others! But if you have Regular Eye exams  a lot of Ocular Diseases can be prevented or treated!

What does blindness mean? The literal definition of blindness is “is the condition of lacking visual perception due to physiological or neurological factors”. Blindness is usually described as visual impairment with remaining vision. That means that you are blind and you can’t see anything clearly but you can see light sources around you. Governmental Jurisdictions also have ways in which they judge your blindness, in north America you are considered legally blind if with vision correction your vision is worse than 20/200.

What are some things that can cause blindness? Some of the common causes are Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, and Glaucoma. Diabetic Retinopathy is usually caused when the disease diabetes affects the eye, this usually happens after ten plus years with the disease and when there isn’t proper care and treatment for your eyes. Macular Degeneration usually occurs in older adults and is when there is loss of vision in the center field of vision; this is because the retina has started to deteriorate. Macular Degeneration usually happens due to old age, but can be treated to keep the symptoms from getting worse. Cataracts are a clouding of your optic lens, and are usually caused by old age. Cataracts are treatable with surgery.  Glaucoma’s are usually associated with fluid pressure in the eye when left untreated it can cause permanent damage and blindness.

The main thing to know about blindness is when related to eye diseases, a lot of the time it is treatable so you don’t lose full vision or preventable by having regular eye exams. If you have more questions or would like more information call your local Eye Doctor !